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October 29, 2007

Beer Lao

Posted in: Beer

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laos, beer, vientianeI FOUND a couple of bottles Beer Lao in Kanchanaburi the other day. I could probably have found more but two was my ration this time. It was a beer that I had enjoyed immensely when I was in Laos some years ago. Since then Carlsberg and it’s Thai partner have each acquired a 25% stake and ramped up production. Back in the mid-nineties the pubs around the fountain in Vientiane and the rustic place along the Mekong River would be sold out by 9.00pm.

Despite and ABV of 5% it is an easy drinking beer with a refreshing, fruity flavour. Brewed with indigenous rice varieties, Hallertau hops, German yeast and French malted barley. It’s quite low on hops so it may lack bitterness for some people but it doesn’t have the tinny aftertaste that other beers in the region have. I’m sure it’s more widely available than I presumed, I just never looked so I never saw it. But I will be looking out for it in future.

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