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December 05, 2007

The Prince of Wales, Singapore

Posted in: Cool Pubs

prince of wales pub singaporeTHE PRINCE OF WALES is both a pub and backpacker hostel. It’s a friendly, laid back place with a youngish, student feel. But you don’t have to be a student, or even particularly young, to enjoy a few beers there.

What makes the place a little bit special is that it is the only place outside Australia where you can get Grand Ridge beers. Grand Ridge is a small Australian Brewery based in Mirboo North, not too far from Melbourne. The Prince has two of their beers on tap; Gippsland Gold and Brewers Pilsner.

The Gippsland is a bitter with a rich malty flavour mixed with a blend of Tasmanian and New Zealand hops. It’s a very agreeable beer indeed and a second pint at least is a must.

The other Grand Ridge beer they have on tap is called Brewers Pilsner. It is a crisp beer boasting a slightly flowery malt flavour with Czech Saaz hops. Both beers have a ABV of 4.9%

The pub also stocks a fairly wide range of Australian bottled beers, including Toohey’s Old and New, Melbourne Bitter and Carlton Gold, Mid and Draught to name just a few

In addition to excellent beer there is live music nightly starting at 9.30 provided by a mix of local and international acts and covering a wide range of styles from indie rock to folk and more.

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