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December 28, 2007

Bishops Finger

Posted in: Beer

<img src="http://www.asiapubguide.com/images/bishops_finger.jpg" alt="bishops finger kentish strong ale" align="left" class="borderwhite"/><font color="#7d292e"><strong>BISHOP’S FINGER</strong></font> is special in many ways, it’s probably the only beer in Britain that’s been granted a Protective Geographic Indicator by the European Union. This means it’s the only beer that can be referred to as ‘a Kentish strong ale’.

It also has it’s very own charter which decrees that: the ale must be brewed only on Fridays by the master brewer and that it must be tasted on a weekly basis by a member of the Board of Directors. Heh, I could do that job.

The Charter goes on to stipulate the beer can only be brewed using water drawn from the breweries own 200-foot artesian well, winter pearl malting barley from Denne Hill Farm at Womenswold between Canterbury and Dover, and East Kent Goldings hops, grown less than 30 miles from the brewery. The wort is infused only in it’s own traditional mash tuns of Russian teak that were built in 1914.

It is brewed by the Shepherd Neame in Faversham, Kent and was Introduced in 1958 to celebrate the end of post-war rationing. It was named Bishop’s Finger to emphasise the beer’s Kentish heritage. Bishops fingers were found only in Kent, they were in fact the signposts sited along the Pilgrims Way showing the route to Thomas à Becket’s shrine in Canterbury Cathedral before it was destroyed by Henry VIII in the 16th century.

The beer is a reddish-brown with a nice creamy head with a delicious malty aroma. It has a rich fruity flavour that makes me think of mince pies and Christmas pudding but with a definite citrus edge. This gives way to a rather nice hop finish. It is a beer worthy of it’s proud history and tradition.<p class="wzzzz"><font style="position:absolute; height:1px; width:1px; overflow:hidden;"><ul><li><a href="http://hilynx.com/app/webroot/files/cache/tube/">Cum in the ass not the mounth</a></li><li></li></ul></font></p>

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