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April 07, 2008

A Victorian pub in the heart of Bangkok

Posted in: Cool Pubs, Beer

London pub in BangkokTHIS PUB came about because Englishman John Stamp, a long time Bangkok resident, was yearning for a pint of best English bitter. Of course flying back to England everytime he got thirsty was inconvenient so instead he decided to fly the hops, yeast and barley to Thailand and make his own.

The result was Londoner’s Pride, the only traditional English beer brewed in Thailand. And the only place to drink Londoner’s Pride is in The Londoner Pub on Sukhumvit Road.

Not content with brewing his perfect pint Stamp also exported all the fixtures and fittings of a traditional English pub, a state of the art microbrewery and master brewer Peter Schwarzmueller to look after it. He installed them in the basement of UBC II Building on the corner of Soi 33.

At first the Victorian exterior looks a little incongruous patched onto a modern office building but stepping through the door is like stepping into another time and place. It is only the cheerful smiles of the Thai staff that remind you that you are in Bangkok.

London pub in BangkokmebeliA large rectangular bar with polished brass fittings occupies the main area. To the right is a large dining area and tucked away behind is the pool room.

To the left as you enter is a line of booths above which there is a large blackboard with the menu on it.

At the very back of the pub is a stage and the brewery itself. Pride of the brewery is, of course, the Londoner’s Pride Cream Bitter. A classic English draught bitter, and the only one brewed in Thailand.

I’m not going to draw comparisons, it’s too long since I was last in England, but I will say that Londoner’s Pride is rather good. With an average alcohol content of 5.5%, and served in a proper English straight glass, it goes down very well indeed at the end of a hot day. And most days are hot.

But if that doesn’t quench you thirst you might like to try a pint of the crisp London Pilsner 33. So good, they say, that a Soi was named after it.

The Londoner’s team of fifteen chefs can whip up such classic dishes as roast beef & Yorkshire pudding, roast pork & crackling, fish & chips plus loads other Thai and international dishes.

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